Monday, March 28, 2016

Cricket matches during World Cup T20

Cricket matches. A lot of screaming. And shouting. Loud sounds coming from all that running. Two babies just happy every time daddy obliges by playing with them.

A little posing after the match never spoilt any fun :-)

Ishaan performed very well in his exams; and was given a new tennis bat by his father. Naisha is still writing her class 1 exams, but still needs a gift since dada got one :) She wanted a lego and she wanted to go to an actual Amazon store. Her logic being that you get the best stuff in amazon but she needs to see it before buying it. When told that there is no such store, her reply was that they had to be storing all those items somewhere. True that :-d

Anyway,  I bought her two lego sets, and Ishaan got a bonus one (thanks to a major discount on amazon again) :-p

So these two lego fans of mine, built their massive legos in a few hours flat. Naishu with some help from her bro and ma :)

And after all this buying stuff on sale, Naishu's definition of her mother...."Ma, you are such a Sasta Queen na...always searching for sasta things."

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Almost 12 and almost 7

So these two: the awesome brother-sister duo. Mostly fighting. Sometimes (OK...a lot of times) hugging. Kissing. Hitting. Arguing., jenga, temple run, hoola hoop :-p

It's been for ever that I wrote anything here. But maybe this will be a good way of using the camera and posting some snaps :)

So, here are some random snaps taken last Saturday. Just to brush off all the dust that the camera had accumulated.

Naisha lost two teeth and is super proud about her achievements :) Ishaan did superb in his exams and is already in class 7. Really? How did we both grow up so much?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Getting Shoe-ed

As throwing the shoe becomes a global trend, how could India be far behind?

While this shoe went to Chidambaram, I would prefer it being thrown at Tytler himself, or maybe Sonia whose generosity towards this useless bugger seems to be getting him one clean chit after the other. Or maybe the CBI buffoons’ show us what a big joke the organization basically is. But no one in my view deserves this show more than the Sikh Prime Minister himself. Talk about letting your community down…yeah yeah I know, he is “supposed” to be above all this :(

While on politicians, you can get to know a little more about your MP/MLA before you go and caste that very important vote of yours.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Somebody stop them!

No no..this is not an andolan for making Cha Lover and Tracer Buller stop posting multiple blogs in one day!!!

This is more about the last three Indian authored books I read…and the fact that all three of them have the "Jessica Lal" case as a main plot. Surely, there’s something amiss when you see all these writers want to write about one murder trial, and each one outdoing the other in bad writing? Agreed it is a gripping story and it managed to catch the eye-balls of an entire nation…but then…whatever happened to creative writing, and thinking beyond the known and the obvious. So if you really want to save some time, please to pass these books: Six Suspects, White Tiger, and The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay.

That said, I think I will actually want to keep my initial thoughts of andolan intact. I mean, imagine a day when your rss actually doesn’t update multiple times with the latest on these ladies’ blogs :-p

Well, I am sure Calvin was an inspiration for Ishaan's character in Taare Zameen Par. Haven’t read much on this, though with all those Captain Spiff alter ego cartoons thrown in between the movie, I am sure Calvin was Aamir's main inspiration.

Came across this strip today, which tells me there must have been more things picked from Calvin’s character. Remember Ishaan’s flip book?

Speaking of which, I think I read way too many Calvin’s while preg. Look at this snap of Ishaan. He has a way with girls :-p. He has this “I am listening but don’t care” attitude written all over his face. This was one of the many girl firend’s he made in Coorg by the way.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Quote of the Year

Yes, I know it's early to pick the 2009 quote of the year, but I dare anyone to top this :-p. For me, this is the quote of my lifetime!!

Saturday night, Ishaan was playing with the microphone on my dad’s comp. A few minutes on, and Rima (Manu Kaku’s eldest) asked him to repeat whatever she said on the mike.

Rima: Hi, I am Ishaan Singhee.

Ishaan: Hi, I am Ishaan Singhee.

Rima: And I am half marwari and half Bengali.

Ishaan: And I am half marwari, and FULL Benagali.

Yes yes, my life is fulfilled now. There’s not anything more that I need to prove to my FULL marwari husband :-d

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